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Happy fall!

Happy Fall! It's that time again! Time for change. Our days are becoming shorter and the temperatures are getting cooler. It's a season marked by letting go. Letting go of the leaves on the trees, letting go of the carefree days of summer. It's always been a season that I love, even though it makes me sad to say goodbye to summer.

I have always loved to incorporate the seasonal influences in my yoga practice, and in Chinese medicine we learn that autumn is the season associated with the lungs and the large intestines. It's perfectly natural for us to start to move from the expansive nature of the summer to a more internal vibe. We start to nest a little bit, and work on getting things done that we put off while we were out and about during the summer.

This season teaches us that boundaries are important in our physical bodies and in our lives. There is a time and a place for everything. Our yoga practice helps us to explore this concept.

Every organ has emotions that are associated with it. Lungs are about being happy, and having the ability to relax and let go. When we are dealing with grief or loss, and this feeling is prolonged, we experience weakness in the lung. It's important to note that every organ has a pair. One of the organs is a yin organ, and the other organ a yang. Our lungs are yin and our large intestines are yang. The lungs receive air and the large intestines let go of waste.

Yoga and pranayama helps us to strengthen our lungs. When we breathe deeply we increase our energy. Yoga also helps our mind, which ultimately increases our positive attitude. It's about having the mindfulness to know what we need to hold on to, and what we have to let go of. This is a big part of transitioning to a healthy fall and a healthy life. People often think of the spring as a time to clean and give away, but fall is equally an important time to go through this process.