Om Sweet Om Yoga
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Port Washington, NY 11050

In Loving Memory...

We've lost a good one; Amy Hagedorn has been a student of mine since I opened Om Sweet Om. In the beginning, she was in her late 60's and a little more agile. As time went on, and her illness sometimes got the better of her, she would show up to an open level class and do child's pose most of the time. She was a pure example of someone who came to be in the community and energy of others, and gained something from doing the simplest of poses. She is an example of how to live, and how to die. She left a legacy of wonderful things she accomplished. Besides her philanthropy, she was cultured, and adventurous. She came on my first yoga retreat to Costa Rica, where there was quite a bit more rough terrain than expected, but she did it with a smile, and came back (to a different location!) the following year!

This week, I want to dedicate this newsletter, as I have dedicated my practice, to her life. How she lived, and who she touched. Many people come in and out of our lives. I am truly touched by each and everyone. This one, well, it leaves a big footprint on my heart. May we all have the humility to do what we need to do on our mats and in our lives.