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Being Prepared

Being prepared

With the impending storm, it got me thinking about how half the time I don't pay attention to the hoopla about storms. I am a glass half full person, and so I always think they are wrong, and are just blowing things out of proportion.

When we had "tropical storm" Sandy, I learned that maybe I should heed a little more caution. That being said, what does being prepared have anything to do with yoga? Well being prepared for anything in life will certainly bring you more joy, and who doesn't want joy?

Yoga is about preparing yourself for a better present and future. This practice prepares you to age more gracefully, and live a better life. Whether it be because you are emotionally able to, or physically able to, or both, life is better.

School starting is another perfect example of being prepared. You want to show up to class with your notebooks and writing utensils, and any other things your teacher requests of you to make things easier. With yoga, you may have come to it not thinking that this practice had anything to do preparing yourself for something, but you learn that every time you leave your mat you feel better prepared to handle what life has to throw your way. You've all heard the concept of a twister, and how the middle of it is calm. I'd be remiss not to remind you that after your practice, you are the calm center of the storm.

I've mentioned this Sutra in the past, Heyam Dukkham Anagatam. It means, future suffering can be avoided. I can't think of a better, more straightforward way of saying, practice will bring you peace.